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Knowledgeable authors understand that success in this business means a professionally edited book. A polished book is more appealing to potential readers, reviewers and traditional publishing houses. Queen V Publishing (QVP) has a list of experienced editors who have done exceptional work for QVP authors. Combined with QVP’s commitment to quality, these professionals will enhance your manuscript, thus providing you with a product that you will be proud to sell.

Contracting with an editor requires you to select someone who is experienced in your genre AND provides the type of edit you require for your manuscript. For a description of the types of editing,  download Self-Publishing Made Easy Editing Friend or Foe?.

Development / Content Editors

Copy Editors


Note:   These service providers are independent contractors and are not employed by Queen V Publishing or its parent company, Pen of the Writer. We do not offer any warranty for the work of these contractors or advise authors on which contractor to hire.